Archive | April 2011

Target Bargains Busted?

By Cynthia Amis

Reviewed by Michael Murphy and Anthony Arther Esq.

For fashionistas on a budget, it can be difficult to match high-end taste to a lower-end price point.  In response to this, Target Corporation has been teaming up with up-and-coming quality designers for short-term collaborations.  The designer offers certain pieces of clothing and accessories for sale in Target exclusively on a limited basis only.  Read More…

Imitation is (NOT) the most sincere form of flattery

By Jennifer Williams

Reviewed by Michael Murphy and Anthony Arther, Esq. 

When deciding to spend thousands of dollars on your Birkin bag, the last thing you are thinking is what a great place it would be to store your groceries.  Imagine seeing a gallon of damp milk being shoved into the designer bag.  The very thought would make fashion connoisseurs everywhere cringe with horror.  Yet, does the fact that you are in a grocery store mean fashion and style is unimportant? I think the answer is no, and clearly Thursday Friday would agree. The Together Bag retails for $45 and is marketed by the sellers as an eco- friendly shopping bag that is great for groceries and the like. The added bonus is that the Together Bag carries an image on it that looks identical to the Birkin bag. Of course Hermes, ever protective of its design, is doing all it can to prevent the trend from catching on. Read More…