Vera Wang’s Brand Impacted by Divorce?

By Kelli Coughlin

Reviewed by Jennifer Williams

It seems as if every news outlet is overindulged with the news of Kim Kardashian’s divorce from basketball player Kris Humphries.  We’ve all heard the rumors that it was a scam in which she made millions of dollars, but what about the other people who were also supposed to benefit from this Hollywood union?The first person that comes to mind is Vera Wang.  She is undoubtedly one of the most famous and sought after wedding dress designers in the world.  But not only that, she personally designed all three— yes, three— of Kim Kardashian’s wedding gowns for her illustrious day; for free.  Vera Wang exclusively designed Ms. Kardashian’s wedding gowns and was featured on the E! wedding special.  Choosing Vera Wang gowns was supposed to bolster her design business and serve as worldwide advertising for this New York-based designer.  She gave the three gowns to Ms. Kardashian at no cost in order for her brand to be seen in the highly-publicized wedding.  However, a 72-day marriage does not look like the happy-ever-after story that Wang’s designs are supposed to create.

Not only will her brand be tarnished, but Ms. Wang contracted with David’s Bridal to create a line that would be inspired by the gowns she designed for the Kardashian nuptial.  The line was supposed to be a way for brides with a smaller budget to have lavish wedding gowns that appeared to be similar to those worn by Kim Kardashian at her wedding.  The line is supposed to hit David’s Bridal stores in February 2012.

But who wants a gown inspired by a marriage that only lasted 72 days?  Contractually speaking, Vera Wang must produce these wedding gowns for David’s Bridal.  However, it is questionable whether or not David’s Bridal will even want to pursue sales of this line in their retail stores.  Clearly, no bride wants a cursed gown design.  So the question is, who will breach the contract first—Vera Wang or David’s Bridal?

As of right now, a rep for David’s Bridal says that the line is still due for February, however it is contested whether this will come to fruition.  Either way, both Vera Wang and David’s Bridal share a disappointment in the divorce of Kim Kardashian that will extremely hinder their business ventures in the wedding industry.


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2 responses to “Vera Wang’s Brand Impacted by Divorce?”

  1. Anonymous says :

    You may be giving Kardashian fans too much credit in the intelligence and/or ethics departments. I somehow people who follow Kardashian (melo)dramas, will not care about the short-lived union; they know other celebrities wear Wang and that will likely be all they care about; the name brand of the gown and that they can say they bought/wore/got married in one. People who follow other people’s lives as a source of entertainment, tend to be on the shallower side.

  2. Anonymous says :

    …cont’d: your article does bring up a very interesting point, however.

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