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Internet Memes and Copyright

ImageThe Web is awash with images subject to copyright. And just because an image is online doesn’t mean that the creator or copyright holder of an image has no colorable claim against infringers. As the burgeoning legal battle between The Oatmeal creator Matthew Inman and’s attorney Charles Carreon shows us, the mere accusation of copyright infringement comes with enough possible legal trouble that it’s reasonable to wonder what exactly the law says about using and reposting materials that even might be subject to copyright. And this of course makes you think about some of the most frequent and easily used images potentially subject to copyright on the Internet: memes. Read More…

From Melodrama To Legal Drama: “The Bachelor” Franchise and The Lawsuit Surrounding It

By, Clarke Rosenthal

A rose by any other color?

After Ten years, twenty-four seasons, and two spinoffs—The Bachelorette and Bachelor PadThe Bachelor franchise has come to be a reliable standby for ABC, particularly in enabling the network to establish a soapy stranglehold on Monday night television.  Though ratings slipped about 20% from this past spring’s season of The Bachelor in comparison to that of the previous year, the show continues to provide endless tabloid fodder, especially now that controversial single mother, Emily Maynard, is this summer’s Bachelorette.  Aside from the usual fanfare that accompanies every new season of the show, a recent racial discrimination lawsuit has catapulted the franchise even further into the public eye. Read More…

Bounty Hunters

Vilma lashes back at Commissioner Goodell

By, Michael Jones

Anyone hear about this bounty scandal that is surrounding the New Orleans Saints?  For all those who have been able to avoid television and internet for the past few months, the NFL, specifically Commissioner Rodger Goodell, caught the Saints giving bonuses for knocking opposing players out of games. Exactly who paid these bonuses is unclear, but a recording was released that has the Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams telling his defense to target players for the San Francisco 49ers that were recovering from injury. Read More…

My Robin Hood Theory

Downloaders as outlaws?

By, Alex O’Sullivan-Pierce

It worked for the Prince of Thieves, but is it ok to rob the rich and feed the poor if the rich are Hollywood movie studios and the (comparatively) poor are the millions of people downloading “free” content on the web?

This April, I was lucky enough to catch Al Perry, Vice President of Worldwide Content Protection and Outreach for Paramount Pictures, when he visited Brooklyn Law School to discuss online piracy, copyright and the future of the movie industry. Read More…

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