iTunes Radio Enters the Streaming Radio Scene


“iTunes Radio is free streaming radio with the best selection of music.  It builds and brings together stations you’ll love from day one. And the more you listen, the more personalized your stations become. It’s radio re-imagined.” boasts Apple in its description of iTunes Radio.

iTunes Radio gives you the ability to use the radio on iPod, iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC,  and Apple TV.  The more you use iTunes and iTunes Radio, the more the radio adapts to your personal preferences. Obviously, the unique tailoring is in place with hopes that users will be more apt and loyal to iTunes radio rather than other streaming sites.

The hurdle iTunes Radio will have to conquer is that it presently does not have all the preferences of the users, while Pandora already has this. Will users be willing to start a brand new bond with a new streaming radio site?  If iTunes can pull users away from their comfortable union with sites such as Pandora, then iTunes radio will potentially turn the market upside down.

iTunes Radio only allows 6 skips per hour per station, just as Pandora does.  So users may become frustrated because the station will not be able to adapt to personal preferences, as quickly as some users may desire, especially if they run out of skips too quickly.

iTunes Radio does not show the lyrics of the chosen song, it does not show the artist’s bio, and it does not tell you why the song was chosen as Pandora does. However, iTunes radio may differ from Pandora in some good as well.  iTunes radio is much more user friendly than Pandora when using an Apple device.  The Apple devices are designed to make iTunes radio much easier and accessible.  iTunes Radio has noticeably few ads than Pandora, and the ad free option is $25 compared to Pandora’s $36 option.

So for now, it appears Apple has definitely entered the streaming radio scene, but it is too early to determine how much of a force iTunes Radio will be.  It does not appear that iTunes radio will instantly take over, but I am sure Pandora is going to take some steps to make the competition stiff.


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