American Film Market Conference Echoes Predictions of Growth in Chinese Film Markets

by Nicole Joyce, Arther Law’s Industry Insider Blog


On November 6th in Hollywood the annual American Film Market Conference was held. The AFM conference is eight days of non-stop movies from large blockbusters to independent films. During the course of the conference approximately 400 films are shown, some making their premier at these events.

The event also involves networking events and seminars for the approximately 8,000 guests that come to the event annually. The attendees include acquisition and development executives, agents, attorneys, directors, distributors, festival directors, financiers, film commissioners, producers, writers, and press members.

This year the AFM reflected the growing awareness of the quickly growing Chinese film market. Currently in China there are 10 movie screens built a day. It is also predicted that the Chinese film market will overtake the US film markets in profits in the next five years.

This year the AFM counted as one of its attendees the China Film Group, the largest state-owned production and distribution company. The attention is not one sided however with some of these big production companies looking to Hollywood for investment in there Chinese productions. This could mean bigger budgets and more international casts.


Hollywood is also not just interested in old talent in the Chinese market, but are particularly interested in the new producers and directors coming from the region. Several directors are making their debut, such as Vicky Zhao (So Young,), Guo Jingming (Tiny Times) and Xu Zheng (Lost in Thailand).  


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