Celebs & Jewelry Copyright- Rights in designs?

On February 13, famous jewelry designer Loree Rodkin filed a copyright infringement suit against reality television stars Lisa and Brittny Gastineau. The case alleges that the Gastineaus unlawfully imitated several of Rodkin’s jewelry designs, advertised the jewelry on instagram through their company Tres Glam and distributed said designs through Roseark retail stores.

Rodkin is well known for her unique jewelry and has designed pieces for numerous celebrities and public figures such as the First Lady Michelle Obama. Lisa and Brittny Gastineau were featured on one of E!’s first reality shows in 2006 titled “The Gastineau Girls,” which followed their exuberant lives as the ex-wife and daughter of former New York Jets player Mark Gastineau.   The Gastineaus deny that their products infringe the copyright on Ms. Rodkin’s designs, telling The Daily Beast, “You can’t compare a ring that sells for $50,000 to a ring that sells for $3,000.”

Rodkin seeks damages of $150,000 for each of the four copyright infringement claims. Rodkin’s attorney’s have also sent a cease and desist letter to the Gastineaus in order to prevent any further sales of the alleged copyrighted jewelry. The case is still in its preliminary stages before Judge Frederick F. Munn of the California Central District Court.


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