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A Tale of Fraud Unraveled

By, Alex O’Sullivan-Pierce

Unraveled. By, Marc H. Simon.

Marc Dreier and the law firm whose masthead bore his name used to represent the pinnacle of the legal profession. In a meteoric rise to fame and fortune Dreier achieved what many desire, but few accomplish; he was a veritable “celebrity lawyer.”  But today, the mention of Dreier’s name sends chills down the spine of anyone familiar with his Faustian fall from grace.  For those who do not know, or do not wish to remember, Dreier LLP was lauded as innovative and wildly successful Manhattan law firm before its founder was accused of, and ultimately pleaded guilty to, fraudulently acquiring hundreds of millions of dollars by writing “bogus notes” to hedge funds between 2002 and 2008.  Unraveled, by Marc Simon, is a documentary that provides a glimpse into the ruins of Dreier’s world after his crime was exposed and some reflection on how he executed a brash and daring scheme involving forgery and impersonation. Read More…

Two Roads Diverged

By, Alex O’Sullivan-Pierce


“Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” – Back to the Future

We’ve all heard the song, an oldie at this point, “The Music Industry is in Decline.”  Sales are down, illegal downloading is draining the lifeblood of artists everywhere, and soon there will be no more new music because artists will no longer be able to monetize their work.

Back in 2011, Rolling Stone ran a story, “The New Economics of the Music Industry.” This August, they followed up with a piece, “Nine Ways Musicians Actually Make Money These Days.” Both are excellent and worth a read- if you’re into that kind of thing. Read More…

Bounty Hunters

Vilma lashes back at Commissioner Goodell

By, Michael Jones

Anyone hear about this bounty scandal that is surrounding the New Orleans Saints?  For all those who have been able to avoid television and internet for the past few months, the NFL, specifically Commissioner Rodger Goodell, caught the Saints giving bonuses for knocking opposing players out of games. Exactly who paid these bonuses is unclear, but a recording was released that has the Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams telling his defense to target players for the San Francisco 49ers that were recovering from injury. Read More…

My Robin Hood Theory

Downloaders as outlaws?

By, Alex O’Sullivan-Pierce

It worked for the Prince of Thieves, but is it ok to rob the rich and feed the poor if the rich are Hollywood movie studios and the (comparatively) poor are the millions of people downloading “free” content on the web?

This April, I was lucky enough to catch Al Perry, Vice President of Worldwide Content Protection and Outreach for Paramount Pictures, when he visited Brooklyn Law School to discuss online piracy, copyright and the future of the movie industry. Read More…

Housewives Bring The Drama to Court

Housewives Bring The Drama to Court

By, Phil Ingram

The Real Housewives, one of Bravo’s flagship brands, documents the lives of various divas around the country, and with the upcoming Vancouver spinoff – the world. The show has captured both the best and worst moments in the cast members’ lives, including private legal battles like Teresa Guidice’s bankruptcy and Shereé Whitfield’s child support drama with her ex Robert Whitfield. The series has also spawned legal controversies from the events of the show itself. Read More…

Why Alex Smith Needs Jerry Maguire.

By, Alex O’Sullivan-Pierce

"Show me the money!"

It is a well-established rule: everything you need to know about the world of sports agency can be found in Jerry Maguire. Even 16 years later, this rule holds true.  Take the recent story dominating sports headlines, the free agency of future hall of famer Peyton Williams Manning.

As I am sure you remember, Jerry Maguire had just one client (for most of the movie, anyway). Read More…

Preview to Upcoming Article

Upcoming: Why Quarterback Alex Smith Needs Jerry Maguire.

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