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Do The Wright Thing

By Alex O’Sullivan-Pierce

It was vulgar, imprudent, and immature. It was foolish, and it definitely wasn’t grammatically correct. It was an All-American cornerback’s Twitter feed. This account was closed, along with the door to at least one premier college football program, on one of the most promising high school prospects in the nation, Yuri Wright.  Only months after helping Don Bosco Prepatory Academy bring home a National Football Championship, Wright was expelled from the private, Catholic high school in New Jersey because of a series of sexually explicit and racially charged Tweets which began in July. The University of Michigan, once seen as the frontrunner to land the talented defensive back, revoked his scholarship offer after learning of the expulsion.

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Kardashian Sister’s Lash Out

By: Alison Parker

The latest Kardashian drama actually doesn’t involve Kris Humphries or Khloe assaulting a transgender woman, but it involves something the sisters are adored for–their eyelashes.

The sisters are threatening legal action against Sarah Ehrlich, the maker of an eyelash elongation product, because she has filed a petition to trademark the name “KardashianLash.” Apparently Ms. Ehrlich spoke to TMZ and told them that she wanted to use KardashianLash to help raise money to send Honduran orphans to cosmetology school and that she didn’t think the Kardashian sisters would mind. And not only do the Kardashian’s mind, they claim that she is infringing on their trademark and they will do whatever it takes to get her to stop.

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Porn Studio Sues HTC

By: Maria Cheung

Vivid Entertainment, a porn studio, claims that HTC, the company that manufactures Android phones, has infringed its trademark in the name Vivid by using the mark for one of its newest smartphones, the HTC Vivid. Vivid Entertainment has threatened to sue the electronic company for trademark infringement and trademark dilution. It has most recently issued HTC a cease and desist letter on this matter.

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